Ministering in the Mountain

While making our way up the mountain toward a little village where we would do another feeding program and clinic, we couldn't help but notice how wide the dried-up river was that we were driving on.  Anne, one of the women whom we have the priveledge of working with a lot in our in-house clinic, explained that every time she drives up the river, it just gets wider and wider due to flooding.  Many homes have been washed away and many lives have been taken because of it.  This dried up river is apparently one of the only main highways, Route 102, in Haiti.  Who would have thought a river with just a few coal trucks, donkeys and people walking along it could be termed a main highway!   Only in Haiti...

After passing the main market, many starving children on the side of the road waving hello to us, people walking with their donkeys, a school full of children, voodoo witch doctors, and coal trucks, we finally made it to the church where the villagers were awaiting our arrival.

We made our way into the little church where we set up our clinic, prayer area, and feeding area.  We had the Bohlinger team with us at the time, so they helped us out in various ways and were such a blessing to all of us throughout the entire week.  Some of them helped out with the medical side of things, some checked the villager's eyesight and gave them glasses, some prayed over each individual that walked through the door, and some helped to hand out the 400 bags of rice and beans to the people.  It was a very blessed time, and was encouraging to all of us to hear and see that many of the villager's already knew Jesus Christ and had accepted Him into their hearts.  It was very obvious that they had the love and joy of Christ in them.  Even when they had absolutely nothing, they still had joy in Jesus.  Nothing is more beautiful than that. 

As we made our way down the mountain back to the city of Port-au-Prince, we couldn't help but praise God for the beautiful scenery that lay before us.  It felt like we were in New Zealand or some other beautiful green place.  It was hard to believe that we were still in Haiti.


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