Village Feeding Program & Clinic

Try imagining living in an area that is so dry that it won't grow anything. Now imagine having your children die right before your eyes due to lack of food, water, and any medical care.  This is what is happening right now in the village that we visited this past Saturday, October 24th.  By the end of the day our team of 36 were completely exhausted and ready to go take cold showers and eat a good meal.  How blessed we are to even have that option.  It's hard for us to go one day without sufficient water and food.  I can't even imagine never having that option and never knowing where my next meal is coming from.
However, thanks to Christ's provision, we were able to hand out 400 bags of rice and beans, and hold a clinic for about 160 people.  We couldn't have done it without the two teams that have been here since last week.  We had a team of nurses and a team of pastors here, so praise God they were able to provide medical care as well as prayer for every individual.  It was a really blessed time being able to serve the village people in all kinds of ways.  One girl came to the clinic with a temperature of 105 degrees, and if she hadn't seen the nurse that day, she would have died the next day.   Many of the patients were beyond dehydration.  Some were blind, one woman was blind and deaf so we weren't even able to communicate with her.  How heartbreaking to not be able to see, hear, and even get proper food.  Pray for her salvation so Christ can give her hope!  Christ's heart breaks for these people.  
So we at Maison de Lumiere want to say a big "thank you!" to all of you who came here and blessed all of these people more than you'll ever know!  Please be praying for these village people, that their lives would be forever changed by God's goodness, and they would trust that God will provide for them because He cares for them!

To view photos of the feeding program and clinic, click here


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