Less than a Minute

So many lives have been lost, so many homes have been destroyed, so many people have been permanently injured, so many people will forever suffer emotionally, all from a 45 second natural disaster.  It’s incredible how quickly life can change in less than a minute.  If people truly lived with the mentality that life can literally be turned upside down within seconds, then how much more passionately would we live for God?  Would we dare to be just a little more bold in our faith?  Would we trust God more in both the little and big things in our lives, knowing that He’s sovereign and He will keep us exactly where He wants us?  Are we willing to trust that the safest place to be really is in the center of God’s will?  Are we willing to go wherever He wants us to go, no matter how hard or “odd” the calling is?  I challenge you to really follow wherever the Holy Spirit leads you.  Don’t hold back, because it’s not worth it.  There’s no greater life than a life surrendered to God alone. 
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